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    Best Pediatrician in Hyderabad

    Sri Sri Holistic Hospitals is renowned as the Best Pediatric Hospital in Hyderabad, staffed by top pediatrician specializing in the care of infants, children, and adolescents. Our multidisciplinary team of child specialists and pediatric surgeons provides round-the-clock care, ensuring the well-being of our young patients with personalized attention.

    Our General Pediatric Services encompass a comprehensive range of pediatric care all under one roof, making us a leading Paediatric Hospital in Hyderabad. The outpatient department offers assessments and management for a variety of conditions, including viral fever, acute gastroenteritis, dengue, typhoid, allergic conditions, respiratory problems, constipation, routine immunizations, and developmental issues such as ADHD. The inpatient department addresses a wide spectrum of emergencies, ranging from seizures and trauma care to pediatric surgical cases, pneumonia, HRAD, and dengue.


    Our Doctors

    Our highly qualified, experienced and dedicated team of doctors are committed to deliver the highest quality of holistic health care.

    Success Of Treatment

    The health and well-being of our patients is our priority and the happiness of hundreds of thousands of our patients is our greatest reward.

    Advanced Technology

    Our modern state-of-the-art equipment and infrastructure is reshaping the landscape of use of technology in delivering cutting-edge medical services.

    24/7 Services

    We offer 24/7 Emergency, Trauma and Critical Care Services with 24 Hours Pharmacy and Ambulance services.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Our Best Pediatrician in Hyderabad offer a comprehensive range of services, including developmental assessments, immunizations, management of acute and chronic conditions, neonatal care, pediatric intensive care, pediatric surgery, and emergency services for children.

    Sri Sri Holistic Hospitals is recognized as the Best Pediatric Hospital in Hyderabad, staffed by highly qualified doctors who provide round-the-clock care. We prioritize a child-friendly environment, state-of-the-art facilities, and advanced surgical techniques to ensure optimal outcomes for our young patients.

    A Good Pediatrician in Hyderabad is trained to assess, diagnose, and treat various medical conditions specific to infants, children, and adolescents. They can provide preventive care through immunizations, monitor growth and development, and manage acute and chronic illnesses tailored to the unique needs of growing bodies and minds.

    Our team of pediatricians includes highly qualified specialist like Dr. Dr. Sankeerth, an MBBS, MD.

    Yes, our Best Pediatrician in Hyderabad work closely with a team of skilled pediatric surgeon to provide comprehensive care for complex surgical cases involving children. Our hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and advanced surgical techniques to ensure successful outcomes.