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Sri Sri Holistic Hospitals, Kadapa: Leading the Way in Holistic Care in Andhra Pradesh

Sri Sri Holistic Hospitals recognized the pressing need to provide comprehensive and holistic care to the people of Andhra Pradesh. In response, we established a state-of-the-art multi-speciality hospital in Kadapa in 2017. With an unwavering commitment to promoting overall well-being, our hospital caters to the diverse healthcare needs of individuals in the region. By leveraging advanced medical facilities and embracing holistic treatment approaches, we strive to deliver high-quality care that not only addresses physical health but also attends to the mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of our patients. Our devoted team of healthcare professionals is dedicated to providing exceptional services and ensuring that individuals receive the best possible care to nurture their health and wellness.

At Sri Sri Holistic Hospitals, we are dedicated to innovative treatment approaches that blend allopathic and ayurvedic remedies, providing a pathway to a healthy life. Notably, Sri Sri Holistic Hospital in Kadapa achieved a remarkable milestone as the first and only facility to perform a successful bypass surgery in the region. The tremendous acclaim garnered from this milestone propelled Sri Sri Holistic Hospital, Kadapa, to be recognized as one of the top-ranked hospitals for cardiology in Andhra Pradesh.

Sri Sri Holistic Hospitals, Kadapa, is a distinguished multi-speciality hospital that features a team of senior consultants and surgeons specializing in major medical fields. The facility boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure to provide advanced healthcare services.

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Our Expert team of doctors thrive in their respective specialties and blend with passion for Patient care which is prime motto of the Sri Sri Holistic Group.

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