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Liver Checkup


Best Liver Checkup Package

Ensure Your Liver's Health with our Comprehensive Checkup

Your liver plays a crucial role in maintaining overall health, performing essential functions such as detoxification, protein synthesis, and metabolism regulation. At Sri Sri Holistic Hospitals, we recognize the importance of early detection and preventive care for liver-related issues. Our Liver Checkup Package is meticulously designed to provide a comprehensive assessment of your liver health, helping to identify potential problems early and ensure effective management.

These tests are meticulously chosen to provide a thorough evaluation of your liver’s condition, allowing us to identify potential risks and offer timely interventions.

  1. LFT
  2. Blood Sugar
  3. Lipid Profile
  4. HCV
  1. HBSAG
  2. US Abdomen
  3. Gastroenterologist Consultation

1. Get at least 6 hours of sleep before your check-up. Inadequate sleep can affect results like blood pressure, heart rate, and body temperature, thereby hindering accurate assessment. Rest well for reliable test results.
2. To ensure reliable and effective examination, abstain from alcohol for 24 hours before your appointment. Alcohol and drugs can interfere with tests. Inform the doctor or nurse if you have consumed alcohol prior to the test.
3. For individuals on hypertension medication, it is advised to continue taking the prescribed medicine as directed by your doctor.
4. For individuals with chronic illnesses or other health conditions, kindly remember to bring any relevant test results or medical reports to aid in the diagnosis process.
5. Please wear clothing that allows easy access to your upper arm during the examination.
6. Females are advised to avoid scheduling urine analysis tests 7 days before or after their menstrual period. During menstruation, there is a risk of blood contamination, which can impact the interpretation of the results.
7. For accurate breast cancer screening, it is recommended to schedule mammograms after the menstrual period when the breasts are less tense. This would allow for better image quality and more reliable results.
8. If you are pregnant, please inform the staff to cancel any X-ray appointments. It’s important to keep you and your baby safe.
9. Rescheduling of the health check-up is possible, subject to slot availability.
10. To ensure accurate fasting blood sugar test results, please avoid taking diabetic tablets or insulin.

Why Choose a Liver Checkup Package at Sri Sri Holistic Hospitals?

At Sri Sri Holistic Hospitals, we prioritise patient care with a focus on accuracy, reliability, and comfort. Our state-of-the-art facilities and advanced diagnostic equipment ensure precise results, enabling our experienced medical team to provide personalised recommendations tailored to your liver health needs. We believe in empowering our patients with the knowledge and proactive care necessary to maintain a healthy liver and overall well-being.

Take control of your liver health today with our Liver Check Up Package at Sri Sri Holistic Hospitals. Whether you are monitoring your liver health or addressing specific concerns, our commitment to excellence in hepatology ensures that you receive the highest quality care and support on your path to a healthier liver.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Liver Check Up Package is ideal for individuals who want to proactively monitor their liver health or those with risk factors such as a history of liver disease, excessive alcohol consumption, obesity, diabetes, or hepatitis infections. It is also suitable for anyone experiencing symptoms like fatigue, jaundice, or abdominal pain.

The package includes a comprehensive set of tests: Liver Function Tests (LFTs), Blood Sugar test, Lipid Profile, HCV (Hepatitis C Virus Test), HBSAG (Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Test), Ultrasound of the Abdomen, and a consultation with a gastroenterologist. These tests provide a thorough evaluation of liver health and identify potential issues.

Preparation instructions may vary depending on specific tests. Generally, fasting for 8-10 hours is required before blood tests like LFTs, Blood Sugar, and Lipid Profile. You will receive detailed instructions from our medical team when scheduling your appointment to ensure accurate test results.

The duration of the checkup may vary slightly depending on individual factors and appointment scheduling. Generally, it takes approximately 2 to 3 hours to complete all the necessary tests and consultations included in the package.

After completing the package, you will receive a detailed report of your test results. During your consultation with the gastroenterologist, the findings will be discussed, and personalised recommendations will be provided based on your results. If necessary, further investigations or treatments may be advised to maintain or improve your liver health.