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Sri Sri Holistic Hospitals offers the best pathology services in Hyderabad. Our skilled team of pathologists, possessing international expertise, specialise in diagnosing and managing a wide range of complex medical conditions through advanced laboratory testing. Some of the services we offer include:

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Place your trust in our ethical and personalised approach towards addressing various health issues with precise diagnostic capabilities, delivered by the best pathologists in Hyderabad. Avail our comprehensive range of high-end pathology services, including histopathology, cytology, haematology, microbiology, molecular pathology, and more. Choose Sri Sri Holistic Hospital, one of the best pathology centres in Hyderabad, for accurate and reliable diagnostic care.

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Our team is dedicated to supporting your journey towards optimal health.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The pathology department at Sri Sri Holistic Hospitals provides a range of diagnostic services, specialising in the analysis of blood, tissue, and other bodily fluids to assist in the diagnosis and monitoring of various medical conditions.

Our pathology department is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and staffed by experienced pathologists who ensure accurate and timely results. We are committed to providing comprehensive diagnostic support to our patients and healthcare providers.

Patients can request pathology services through their treating physician or specialist. Referrals are typically made based on clinical need, and our team ensures prompt scheduling and processing of all pathology requests.

We offer a wide range of diagnostic tests including blood tests, urine analysis, tissue biopsies, cytology examinations, and specialised molecular tests. These tests are essential for diagnosing conditions ranging from infections to cance

Turnaround times for pathology test results vary depending on the type of test performed. Routine tests often have results available within 24-48 hours, while more complex tests may take longer. Our team strives to provide timely results without compromising accuracy.

Yes, patients can request consultations with our pathologists to discuss their test results and understand their implications. Our pathologists work closely with healthcare providers to ensure comprehensive patient care and understanding.

Yes, our pathology department collaborates with various specialty departments such as oncology, cardiology, gastroenterology, and more to provide specialised testing and diagnostic support tailored to specific medical conditions

Patient Reviews

Bhargav Darlanka

I recently accompanied my uncle for heart stent surgery at Sri Sri Holistic Hospital, and I am extremely grateful for the exceptional care he received. Ramachandra Sir and Shashank Sir, your professionalism and clear communication were very reassuring. Your warmth and kindness made a significant difference during his recovery. The entire team's and Tulasi Madam's polite and compassionate nature ensured a smooth and comfortable experience. Special thanks to Subbarao Sir and Suneetha Madam for their kind hearts and generosity in reducing charges due to a shortage of the insurance claim. I highly recommend Sri Sri Holistic Hospital for anyone in need of top-notch cardiac treatment.

Kishore Reddy

I was admitted with high fever and Chest pain, immediately Doctors have started the necessary treatment. Doctors are well experienced and treatment is good. Nursing staffs service is very good and they are available 24x7 to take care of patients by doing required health tests as prescribed by Doctors and they very helpful to patients during the staying.

Adhwith Krishna Nallareddy

Excellent cardiology treatment and services, very good experience in this hospital, thank you so much hospital team.

Bhadri Sreekanth

I had an exceptional experience receiving cardiology treatment at Sri Sri Holistic Hospitals. The staff was incredibly attentive and caring, and the doctors were highly skilled and knowledgeable. I felt confident in their expertise every step of the way.


Sri Sri Holistic Hospitals provided me with top-notch cardiology care. The facilities were modern and clean, and the medical team went above and beyond to ensure my comfort and well-being. I'm grateful for their dedication to my health.

Sneha Jadhav

I was thoroughly impressed by the expertise and compassion of the cardiology team at Sri Sri Holistic Hospitals. They provided me with personalized care and supported me throughout my treatment journey. Thanks to them, I feel healthier and more confident in managing my heart health.


My experience at Sri Sri Holistic Hospitals for cardiology treatment was nothing short of excellent. The staff was friendly and professional, and the level of care I received exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend this hospital to anyone in need of cardiac care.