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    Best Anaesthesiologists in Hyderabad

    At Sri Sri Holistic Hospitals, we understand the critical role anesthesia plays in ensuring safe and comfortable surgical procedures. That’s why we have assembled a team of highly skilled and experienced Anesthesiologists in Hyderabad, widely recognized as some of the Best Anesthesiologists in Hyderabad. Leading our team is Dr. Rajesh Kanna, who brings 25 years of extensive experience in anesthesia. Our anesthesia specialists are committed to providing exceptional care, ensuring your safety and well-being throughout every step of your surgical journey.


    Modern Technology

    Our modern state-of-the-art equipment and infrastructure is reshaping the landscape of use of technology in delivering cutting-edge medical services.

    Our Doctors

    Our highly qualified, experienced and dedicated team of doctors are committed to deliver the highest quality of holistic health care.

    Success Of Treatment

    The health and well-being of our patients is our priority and the happiness of hundreds of thousands of our patients is our greatest reward.

    24/7 Services

    We offer 24/7 Emergency, Trauma and Critical Care Services with 24 Hours Pharmacy and Ambulance services.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Anesthesiologists play a vital role in ensuring the safety and comfort of patients undergoing surgical procedures. They are responsible for administering and monitoring anesthesia, managing pain levels, and monitoring vital signs throughout the surgery to ensure the patient's well-being.

    Our Best Anesthesiologists in Hyderabad are skilled in providing various types of anesthesia, including general anesthesia (which renders the patient unconscious), regional anesthesia (which numbs a specific area of the body), and monitored anesthesia care for day care procedures.

    Anesthesiologists carefully evaluate each patient's medical history, current health status, allergies, and other relevant factors to determine the most appropriate type and dosage of anesthesia. They also consider the nature of the surgical procedure and the patient's individual preferences.

    Like any medical procedure, there are potential risks associated with anesthesia. However, our Anesthesiologists are highly trained to minimize these risks and closely monitor patients throughout the procedure. They will discuss any potential risks and side effects with you before the surgery.