Angiogram at ₹4999 only

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What is an Angiogram

Angiogram is the study of blood vessels. We inject a dye into your blood vessels and see if the dye is flowing freely through the blood vessels. If there is a narrowing or complete blockage, it'll be visible during the test.

How does Angiogram help me?

If there is a partial block, you may not experience symptoms till you start some heavy work. These partial blocks can be accurately detected via Angiogram. We can avoid a future heart attack by acting early.

What if we find a blockage? Will you place a stent?

The amount of blockade (percentage) will decide if you can be managed with medications or if you need a stent. It also depends on how many vessels are impacted and is it just at one location or throughout the vessel. In some cases we might suggest a CABG (Bypass surgery) instead of multiple stents. We will discuss the plan and will proceed as per your choice. Stenting or CABG is not part of this package.

Can I go for a second opinion?

Of course, you are free to get an opinion from another cardiologist while you are still in our hospital. We will share the reports and your family member can visit another cardiologist and come with an opinion.

How do I book these Services on offer?

Please fill the form below and our team shall call you to schedule an appointment. As the slots are limited per day, we shall fix the timing over a phone call.