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Holistic Healthcare



Dr Mummadi Swathi

Doctor Details

Qualification: MBBS, M.D. Radiodiagnosis

Speciality: Radiodiagnosis
 • Expertise in interpreting and reporting CT, MRI scans
• Ultrasound scans- Antenatal, Doppler, Surface scan, Abdomen & pelvis, Transvaginal scans
• Reporting Plain Radiographs, mammography, Special investigations (performing & reporting) – Barium studies, IVU, RGU, MCU, HSG
• Can perform USG-guided FNAC and biopsies, CT guided biopsies.
• Excellent Oral and written communication skills

Experience: 13 Years

Location: Kondapur

Publication & Research

Swathi Mummadi, Mary Varunya, Suresh A, Vegunta Alekhya, Kaviya V, Sudhanva N, Geetika P: Anatomical Variations of Circle Of Willis And Their Prevalence Using Magnetic Resonance Angiography In A Tertiary Care Center. Journal of Cardiovascular Disease Research ISSN: 0975-3583, 0976-2833 VOL14, ISSUE 04, 2023.

Kaviya V, Mary VJ, Suresh A, Swathi M, Geetika P and Sudhanva N. Correlation of CT Severity Index with Lab Parameters in Covid 19 04 Infection. Indian J Appl Radiol. 2023;9(1): 180.

Geetika P, Mary Varunya, Suresh A, Sudhanva N, Swathi Mummadi, Kaviya V: Correlation of chest X-rays with lab parameters in COVID 19. European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine: Volume 09, Issue 04, 2022.

Aditi Nadamani, Sudhanva N, Suresh A, Geetika P, Swathi Mummadi, Kaviya V: Case Series of Atypical Cisternal Presentation of Meningiomas. International Journal of Innovative science and Research Technology: Volume 8, Issue 5, 2023.

Correlation of CT Severity Index with Lab Parameters in Covid 19 Infection

Evaluation of Anatomical Variations of the Abdominal Aorta and Its Major Branches with 128 Detector Computed Tomography.