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Dr Goparaju Aditya Sunder

Doctor Details

Qualification: MBBS, MS Ortho (JIPMER), DNB Ortho, F-ASSI (ISIC Delhi), (FNB Spine)

Speciality: Orthopaedic & Spine Surgeon

Expertise in Spine Surgical Procedures:
• Spine trauma (screw/rod fixation for C1-C2, subaxial cervical, thoracic & lumbar spine trauma)
• Degenerative spine conditions (lumbar canal stenosis decompression and fusion, thoracic & cervical myelopathy decompression and fixation, spondylolisthesis – low & high grade)
• Spinal infections – Pott’s spine/infectious spondylodiscitis
• MIS lumbar fixations, OLIF
• Osteoporotic spine fractures – vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty, fixation with & without cementation
• Degenerative scoliosis, idiopathic scoliosis
• Computer-guided navigation spine surgery
• Robotic spine surgery (open/MIS)
• Pain management injections (transforaminal epidural steroid, nerve root blocks, facet joint blocks, SI joint blocks)

Expertise in Orthopaedic Procedures & Surgeries Including Spine:
• Evaluation and management of routine outpatient orthopedic conditions with plasters, injections, etc.
• OPD procedures for post-operative patients and in-ward basic rehabilitation for post-operative patients
• Joint aspirations, biopsies, basic suturing, and skin grafting
• Closed reduction of fractures/dislocations of various joints and plaster splint/cast application for limb injuries
• Pediatric orthopedic procedures (plaster cast treatment for CTEV/CVT/CDK, TA tenotomies for CTEV, CRPP for pediatric supracondylar humerus fractures, various surgeries for open injuries in children, debridement for pediatric osteomyelitis)
• Adult/pediatric trauma procedures (intramedullary nailing of tibia/femur, plating of humerus/forearm/distal radius, DHS/nailing for proximal femur fractures, plating for intra-articular fractures of femur/tibia/humerus/radius, Ilizarov ring fixation for femur/tibia, wound debridement and external fixation/internal fixation for open fractures, ORIF of PCL avulsions/ankle fractures, multiple fracture/polytrauma patient optimization and surgery, K-wire fixation for foot & ankle/hand/wrist/proximal humerus fractures, polytrauma fracture fixation, complex intra-articular fractures, pelvi-acetabular fractures, primary orthopedic surgeon role in injuries requiring vascular/plastic surgical intervention)
• Evaluation and management of routine outpatient orthopedic conditions with plasters,
Adult cold orthopedic procedures (bone grafting with internal/external fixation for non-unions, debridement for chronic infections)
• Adult/pediatric infections (arthrotomies for adult/pediatric/infantile/neonatal septic joints, surgical site infection debridement after trauma/ spine/arthroplasty)
• Tendon repairs (patellar tendon, tendo-Achilles, hand and foot small tendon repair)
• Arthroplasty (hip-hemiarthroplasty/simple/complex primary arthroplasty, knee simple/complex primary arthroplasty)
• Tumor (benign – osteochondromas, osteoid osteomas, FGF-secreting tumors, malignant – osteosarcoma/Ewing’s sarcoma/MFH, giant cell tumors, procedures ranging from excision, curettage to extra-corporeal irradiation and replantation of bone)
• Upper and lower limb amputations for trauma/tumor
• Degenerative spine conditions (lumbar canal stenosis decompression, fusion, osteoporotic spine fractures – fixation with and without cementation)
• Spine trauma (pedicle screw fixation for cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine trauma)

Experience: 11 Years

Location: Kondapur

Professional Achievement & Awards

Nov 2021 & 2022 – Organizing Committee member – ISSICON (International Spine and Spinal Injuries Conference)
March 2023 – Organizing Committee member – Delhi Spine Society Conference
February 2020 – Participated as a delegate at the Masterclass in Sarcoma course at the SLIMS Puducherry
February 2020 – Participated as a delegate at the CME – Pelvi-acetabular Fractures – Basics and Beyond, JIPMER
April 2019 – Participated the JIPMER CME – Spine Injury Management with Hands-On Workshop,
April 2019 – Participated as a delegate at the JIPMER Cadaveric course on Basic Ilizarov –
Principles and Techniques
May 2019 – Participated as a delegate at the Ganga Hospital (Coimbatore) Hand Operative Course,
November 2017 – Course undertaken on JIPMER Pelvi-acetabular fracture cadaveric course
February 2017 – Participated as a delegate at POACON
March 2016 – Participated as a delegate at ATLS provide course, JIPMER

• 2016, 2017 & 2019 Worked as an instructor for undergraduate student First Aid Training Programs in JIPMER
• July 2019 Attended Amarnath Yatra 2019 as voluntary Orthopedic Medical Officer from JIPMER.


Publication & Research

Journal of Clinical Orthopedics and Trauma
Geriatric spine fractures – Demography, changing trends, challenges and special considerations: A narrative review

International Journal of Spine Surgery (Under Review)
Short Term Functional and Radiological Outcomes following Instrumented Reduction And Fusion In Patients Of Mid And High Grade Isthmic And Degenerative Spondylolisthesis – A Pilot Study

Journal of Orthopedic case reports (Under Review)
Fibrous Dysplasia of Proximal Radius Complicated By Pathologic Fracture And Nerve Palsy In A Young Adult.

Global Spine Journal (Under Review)
A Radiological Parametric Comparison of Low-Grade Lytic Spondylolisthesis To Degenerative Spondylolisthesis : A Retrospective Approach To Establish Its Dysplastic Origin.

Indian Spine Journal (Under Review)
Iatrogenic Pyogenic Spondylodiscitis Masquerading as Tubercular Spine: A Case Report Of Mistaken Identity And Inadequate Treatment


JIPMER Research Day 2017
Presented a Paper titled “Short Term Functional And Radiological Outcomes following Instrumented Reduction And Fusion In Patients Of Mid And High Grade Isthmic And Degenerative Spondylolisthesis – A Pilot Study

POACON 2019 (Conference of Pondicherry Orthopedic Association)
Presented a Scientific paper titled “Outcomes following instrumented reduction and fusion in patients of mid and high grade isthmic and degenerative Spondylolisthesis – A Pilot Study”.

• Global Spine Journal
• Indian Spine Journal
• Journal of Clinical Orthopedics and Trauma
• International Journal of Surgery